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For everybody, and for those who struggle. Hold on.

For many reasons I had a long pause from social media, but I started to record again. This video is a subtle reminder of the brighter future!

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Time to record

Gramophones, recordings and memories

First, I had an update to the studio, and now I can work much more. But it really seems, that the seasonal cold is quite tough around. Also my recordings are very delayed because of it. Now one can only slow down and perhaps put the favorite – full of good memories – record and warm wool socks on. 

Take care, and see you soon with new music.

Photo from the beautiful Krakow

Gramophone invented by Emile Berliner


Bubbly sparkling hallo! Remembering – on this hot 32 °C day – the music evening in early June, when we served chilled CavaJazz at the wonderful Cavaisimo. It was glamorous and so much fun! 

Kino im Weinberg

First of June we had a concert together with pianist and composer Thomas Bracht. Was such a great pleasure to play in the stunning scenery of Weingut Rebenhof, before Kino im Weinberg: the precious outdoor cinema surrounded by Mosel vineyards. 

Introducing jazzed

Moi moin!! I’m very delighted to share my new webpage with you. The playlist is part of this blog and mini netcast. It was filmed at Baltic Sea.

Have a smooth day!